Credit Engine for Lending

Amid credit risk, geopolitical uncertainty and shifting global benchmarks, it is essential for lenders to leverage automated processes and real-time decisioning to lower costs, make smarter decisions and power the rapid approvals customers expect.

Our well-trained credit model is secure and proven to use in many successful cases. It utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms and your historical data to streamline every step of the workflow, so you can secure and accelerate your financing process. We also provide KYB risk audit and data encrypt services to minimize the risk during the whole process.

Credit Engine for

Consumer credit

Credit cards

Home equity line of credit (HELOC)


Auto Loans



Payday Loans

Debt Consolidation

How it Works

Our credit model automatically analyzes the existing data from your organization and builds a tailor-made model with decision trees and neural networks.

It automatically calculates monthly cash flow, annualized cash flow and debt service coverage ratio.

It provides you with a detailed validation report, showing all outliers, trends and risk indicators that could lead to failure to pay/delinquencies.

It allows you to manage your lending decisions in a single hub.

Automated Process

Reduce staff expenses by automating the whole credit risk management process.

Faster Approvals

Quickly and easily examine data sets of all sizes for patterns, anomalies and missing values in a streamlined workflow.

Accurate Predictions

Accurate scoring and optimized decisions allow lenders to say yes to more borrowers and maximize your profit.

Fight Bias

Detect and proactively mitigate unfair bias. Demonstrate and document your bias mitigation efforts.