Fraud Detection & Prevention

Fraud evolves quickly. Businesses across the financial sector are facing ever-growing security concerns and evolving regulations.

Our AI-based fraud detection model is able to identify the unauthorized action by learning billions of fraud and trust-related data and to deliver accurate identity trust decisions in milliseconds. It empowers you to identify a fraud in real time with speed and accuracy.

Fraud Detection Model for




How it Works

Input & label data

Our fraud detection model provides tailor-made detection and prevention of your unique fraud patterns and risks using the data from your organization.

Extract features

Our fraud detection model transforms raw data into features that better represent the underlying risks.

Train algorithm

The algorithm uses your historical data to learn in order to make predictions or decisions on the new unseen data.

Create a model

When training is complete you have a model specific to your business, which can detect fraud in milliseconds.

Accurate & Earlier Detection

Screen out good customers from criminal networks with enhanced detection capabilities. Recognize earlier warning signs of suspicious behavior.

Enhanced Efficiency

Reduce time wasted investigating false alarms. Improve transparency and explainability for analysts, managers, and regulators.

KYB Automation

Transform manual KYB into an automated process, incorporate specific business risk logic, and save operational time and money.